Lease Application

Household Information

Are you a student?

Present Residence

Prior Residence

Employment Information

Are you in the military?

Background Information

If any of the following are not answered truthfully, this rental application is subject to immediate rejection.

Have you ever been evicted?
Have you ever filed bankruptcy?
Have you ever foreclosed on a property?
Have you ever been arrested or convicted for anything other than a traffic offense?

Vehicle Information

Emergency Contact

Your emergency contact is allowed access to your apartment in the event of serious illness, death, or other circumstances that would make you unavailable. The emergency contact can remove your property from your unit or the common areas.

Pet Information

Applicant hereby authorizes verification of any items set forth on this application, including the release of information by a bank or savings & loan, employer (present & former), and lender. All such information herein and released as authorized above will be kept confidential.

APPLICANT REPRESENTS THAT THE INFORMATION SET FORTH ON THIS APPLICATION IS TRUE AND COMPLETE. Material misstatements or misrepresentations on this application will constitute a default under the lease or rental agreement between the parties.

Applicant understands that there is a non-refundable application processing fee. In addition, Owner agrees to take the dwelling off the market while the Owner considers approval of the applicant(s). The application fee may not be withdrawn by the applicant. If applicant withdraws his/her application or changes his/her mind about the dwelling, the Owner will retain the application processing fee. This application is only valid for 90 days, after 90 days the application will be invalid and a new application must be completed including processing fees.

Incomplete application may result in delayed processing or approval. You may be asked to resubmit the application if not completely filled out.

Upon signing approval of your application, in order to sign a lease you must bring your driver's license, student ID (if applicable), processing fee payment and security deposit payment.

Signature(s) below grant Owner or its Agent the right to use any history of applicant(s), history of any housing situation, and whatever credit reporting bureaus, law enforcement agencies, website, or other sources the Owner and its Agent deems necessary in determining approval or disapproval of this Application.

Typing your name here constitutes a digital signature and agreement terms listed above.