Lease Application

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All Officers/Partners of Applicant

Business Bank/Savings Account References

Major Non-Bank Credit References

Has business/organization (under the above name or any other name) or any officer, partner, or affiliate ever:

Breached a rental/lease agreement?
Been sued for nonpayment of rent?
Been sued for damages to rental property?
Declared bankruptcy?
Been evicted?
Involved in any litigation?

Applicant's Signed and Dated Financial Information

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The undersigned Applicant herby declares that the representations of fact contained in the foregoing application are true and correct. If any such representation is false, any lease hereinafter entered into between Landlord and Applicant will have been made in reliance upon such representation and may, at the option of the Landlord, be terminated at any time. Applicant authorizes JCap Campus Housing, LLC to verify the above references and representations, including but not limited to the use of credit information agencies.